Residential Flooring

High-Quality Residential Hardwood Floors

Flooring that's right for you!

Your home’s flooring can affect almost every aspect of your daily routine from getting up in the morning to bonding with your family to keeping individual rooms clean. The right flooring empowers you to perform these activities and more without thinking about your floors.

Hardwood Will Complete Your Home

In addition to the damage resistance and simple maintenance of hardwood flooring, our residential hardwood floors can truly complete your home. Beach Hardwood Floors and More handles both sales and installation so you feel confident that the professionals who handle every step of the re-flooring process understand your needs.

The Benefits of Hardwood

Cost-effective because hardwood is one of the longest-lasting and lowest-maintenance flooring options

High-quality because we only offer the best selection to our clients

Unique because we offer custom work, including patterns and inlays

We Help You with All Aspects of Your Hardwood Floors

In addition to the initial installation, we also offer repair and restoration services, so you have peace of mind knowing that your floors will last a lifetime.

You Stand on Your Floors. We Stand Behind Them!

At Beach Hardwood Floors and More, our motto is “You stand on your floors. We stand behind them!” For more than 13 years, we’ve worked hard to build the relationships with suppliers necessary to provide clients with the best flooring solutions for their Virginia Beach homes.

Individual Focus

We focus on each customer as an individual, which is why our expert team is only available by appointment. This approach ensures that you have the support you need to make informed decisions about the residential hardwood floors you’ll use every day.

Schedule Your Personal Appointment

Whether you’re figuring out what hardwood you want or you already know what you want, contact us for a personalized consultation appointment so we can find the best hardwood floors for your home. Contact us for a free consultation today!

Commercial Flooring

Timeless Commercial Hardwood Floors

Create the Best Working Environment

As a business owner, you understand the importance of the appearance, cleanliness and quality of your brick and mortar location. You consciously choose decor and building materials that give your customers the best impression of your premises and your employees the best working environment.

When you’re in the market for new flooring, come to Beach Hardwood Floors and More. We offer a wide range of commercial hardwood floors, as well as professional installation services in the Virginia Beach area.

Flooring for Any Industry

We are capable of accommodating the needs of business professionals in any industry, whether you must account for high foot traffic, food service, industrial equipment or any other business-related factor.

A Variety of Options for a Variety of Businesses

In addition to our high-quality hardwood flooring selection, we also offer a variety of other flooring options. Our experienced team can help you decide on the best flooring for your space based on the desired visual aesthetic, cleaning requirements and set budget.

Expertise You Trust

For more than 13 years, Beach Hardwood Floors and More has provided professional recommendations, sales and installations for clients throughout the Hampton Roads and Virginia Beach area. Our team fully understands the relationship between interior design and functionality.

Schedule Your Consultation

We work hard to give each client a balance of both beauty and practicality. To this end, we work with each client by appointment only so we can give our undivided attention to your commercial hardwood floors consultation. Contact us to set up your appointment today.

Flooring Installation

Hardwood Flooring Installation

Hardwood - Laminate - Bamboo -Vinyl - Resilient - Engineered Wood - Exotic Wood

Our trained professionals can help you choose the right flooring to compliment the

look you want. Each project is customized to the needs and wants of the customer. Prices are determined by the scope of the project (square footage) and materials needed.   

Keep Your Floors Beautiful with Professional Installation

When you upgrade your home or business floors, the quality of the installation matters just as much as the flooring material you choose. Correct installation ensures that your floors stay beautiful, functional and safe as you use them.

Trust the Experts

When you need hardwood flooring installation from experts you can trust, come to Beach Hardwood Floors and More. We offer installation of all our flooring types for both residential and commercial clients in the Virginia Beach area.

Personalized Installation

At Beach Hardwood Floors and More, we serve our clients during each step of the flooring selection and installation process. We consult directly with you to determine which material best fits your style preferences, space requirements and budget. We then complete all flooring preparation and installation ourselves to ensure that you receive the best quality final results.

Installation Catered to Your Needs

In addition to normal installations, we provide installations for the following.

Custom flooring patterns

Handmade inlays

Rooms with unique shapes or sizes

Both large and small scales

A Wide Selection of Material to Install

We offer a wide selection of flooring materials, including exotic wood, engineered wood and wood alternatives like high-quality laminate, vinyl and cork. If you’ve bought this material elsewhere, we can install it for a simple installation fee.

Personalized Cost that Saves You Money

The cost of your installation depends on the square footage of the space being floored, the difficulty of the installation and the flooring material you decide on. Consult with our team to get an estimate on your hardwood flooring installation.

Professional Service

For more than 13 years, Beach Hardwood Floors and More has provided superior flooring service for clients throughout the Virginia Beach area. We take pride in ourselves on offering a wide range of expert services so that you know you can trust us for all your flooring-related needs.

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Contact us to schedule a consultation regarding your residential or commercial hardwood flooring installation options.

Hardwood Floor Restoration

Expert Hardwood Floor Restoration

Detail-oriented Restoration Your Home Deserves

Damaged flooring can pose a major eyesore and, in extreme cases, a safety hazard. Whether you just purchased an “as-is” commercial property or simply want to renovate your home to the condition it was in when you first moved in, restoring the floors is one of the most vital steps. At Beach Hardwood Floors and More, we provide detail-oriented hardwood floor restoration for commercial and residential clients.

Rejuvenate Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floor restoration is used when the flooring is too heavily stained, scratched or worn for a typical refinishing to suffice. The restoration process may include patching small holes or replacing some unrepairable boards. Restoration can resolve issues like the following: 

Animal stains

Food stains

Furniture scratches

Impact damage from dropped items

Improperly applied wood stain


Pet scratches

Pickled wood finishes

Water stains

Trust Our Experienced Team

At Beach Hardwood Floors and More, we take pride in ourselves on working with clients individually to provide the most effective flooring services possible. As we like to say, “You stand on your floors. We stand behind them!”

Are Your Floors Showing Signs of Wear and Tear?

Few other elements inside your home or business take up as much space as your flooring. If your flooring starts to show signs of wear and tear, those scratches may be the only thing you soon see when you look at the space. If your floors have seen better days, trust Beach Hardwood Floors and More for precise and professional hardwood floor refinishing in the Virginia Beach area.

When to Consider Refinishing

Refinishing is a smart, cost-effective way to update your floors without replacing them. Hardwood floor refinishing might be the right choice for your property if:

You want to change the stain on the wood to make it darker or lighter,

Your hardwood floors are marred with scratches, scuffs and other surface-level damage,

Or your hardwood floors look dull or out of date.​

Variety of Different Staining Types

We work with a variety of stain types, including the following:


Water-based (Go Green!)

Tongue Oil

We Will Guide You to Get the Best Choices

During your consultation, we’ll offer insight into the stain color and shade that might best complement your home’s architecture and decor. We work with Duraseal Stain color chart options to give you a wide variety of color choices.  We use a dust containment system to keep dust at a minimum during the refinishing process.

Schedule a Consultation

Think hardwood floor refinishing could be the renovation your home or business needs to look its best? Contact us today to schedule an evaluation of your floors and project estimate.

Flooring Products

Flooring Products

The Products Make the Project

In every renovation, upgrade and construction project, the final result depends heavily on the building products chosen. When you’re looking for the flooring to complete your indoor space, trust Beach Hardwood Floors and More. We offer a wide range of flooring material types and flooring products to business owners and residents throughout the Virginia Beach area.

Products for Any Flooring Project

At Beach Hardwood Floors and More, our goal is to provide our clients with the support, product and services they need to choose, install and maintain the best flooring for their properties.

Brands You Can Trust

We carry flooring products from some of the most trusted brands in the business, including but not limited to the following: 


Bamboo Hardwoods





Hallmark Floors

Impressions Hardwood 


Quick Step 



Owens Floorings



Variety of Materials

Our expansive inventory of flooring materials has an option for every property. Each flooring material has its advantages, and we’re happy to discuss your specific concerns to ensure that you leave with the best possible material. We carry: 

Traditional hardwood

Engineered hardwood


Exotic woods





Specialized Cleaning Products

Additionally, we provide specialized cleaning products for most types of flooring, such as hardwood, stone, tile and laminate.

Get a Free Consultation Today

As a family-owned and -operated business in Virginia Beach, we understand both the needs of homeowners and the priorities of our business clients. Contact us today to get individual advice and the best flooring products for your current project.